Regina Anjos

Children's book author

Regina Anjos is a children's book writer and she also illustrates her books.


She has been drawing for over 20 years and currently also works with motion design. The author has a Degree in Art Education and an MBA in Art Direction for Advertising, TV and Video.


Born in João Pessoa, since childhood she has been fascinated by the art of creating worlds and telling stories through drawing and writing.


A few years ago, she decided it was time to dedicate herself to an old passion and introduce her characters to the world. Therefore, since 2019 she has been publishing her books independently.


She also creates games and loves music (sometimes she tries to play some ^^).


Chek out:


- My blog with updates about my books (mostly in portuguese)


Other Projects:


- (story books and ABC Books for little kids)

- (portuguese version for smartfairies)

-  (my very first ebook)

-  (Laila, a little bear princess)


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